The best commissions in the industry apparently, well according to the cowboy outfit known as Affpower. If you don’t already know, AffPower are the scourge of the online casino and iGaming Industry. Don’t believe us? Well read on.

You see, the purpose of which is in no way affiliated with the Israeli Charlatans masquerading as upstanding iGaming operators, is to show you what the iGaming industry thinks about these assholes. Harsh, yes, the truth though? Most certainly!

So before you scroll down and view numerous videos explaining as to why AffPower are the shittiest of shit online casino operators, let me fill you in a bit.

Responsible for the marketing of no less than 7 ( Seven ) online casinos, plus the small fact their advice destroyed a once award winning online casino group. AffPower have been found to pirate games, perform Negative SEO attacks on portals that dare speak out about their activities. As well as being complicit in shaving, ie detagging of players, from affiliate webmasters accounts.

Plus there is the small issue of suspicion that they along with a few others are actively behind the hacking of countless wordpress sites. With the sole aim to increase organic traffic via the search engines to their shitty clip joint casinos.

You know the casinos that are <cough> licensed <cough> in the online equivalent of the Wild West that is known as Curacao.

Fernanda appears to be very popular with affiliate webmasters however, with one such affiliate posting the video concerning her on the left, over on the GPWA Forums. Apparently you lie Fernanda and are um, evil and stuff :-s.

Of course during their short lived time on the GPWA Forums, their CMO, a Fernanda Carrascal, stringently denied any wrong doing on AffPower’s part. But then again, she would, wouldn’t she!

That said, Fernanda Carrascal was unceremoniously dumped and kicked to the kerb as a judge for the annual Affiliate Awards run by iGaming Business.

Plus the small fact that due to their downright shady and dare I say it, illegal activities, AffPower are no longer allowed to exhibit at any of the conferences run by iGB.

Piracy of NetEnt Games

In the Spring of May 2016, the casino portal Latest Casino Bonuses uncovered and announced to the iGaming world how low the individuals running AffPower would stoop to. When it was revealed that AffPower had been complicit in pirating popular games from NetEnt and subsequently hosting on their own servers. But to the player these were actual ‘legit’ NetEnt games.

This course of action as well as being theft of intellectual property, is also incredibly bad news for the unsuspecting players opening accounts and playing at AffPower operated online casinos.

Latest Casino Bonuses also alludes to probably the worst kept secret in iGaming, the fact that AffPower are closely associated with a small team of hackers who have been spamming the search engines. Indeed, the site Online Casino Reviewer raises the same concerns and alleges that AffPower are behind a Negative SEO campaign targeted against their site.

But if you are still not convinced, see what Player Advocate Bryan Bailey aka Casinomeister has to say about AffPower’s activities, which saw them  chucked into the Meister’s Rogue Pit.

AffPower Blacklisted

AffPower Blacklisted
AffPower Blacklisted







Videos from Casinomeister and Online Casino Reviewer  deal with the pirating of games from NetEnt. With the APCW plugging this site – See Video at the bottom of this page. Many Thanks JTodd! But, unfortunately there is much more to AffPower’s underhandedness than just software piracy.

The aim of this site is to tell you what the people running the show at AffPower have done and continue to do.

Why you as casino affiliates should avoid working with AffPower at all costs. Plus why players should swerve any online casino property that has even a sniff of AffPower’s involvement.

On these pages, we will reveal the people behind AffPower, so you know who exactly is running the show there. Plus we will detail each and every brand that is directly owned and operated by the AffPower Group. As well as listing any casino or casino group that have worked with AffPower.

In addition to the software piracy, which is a done deal. We will also reveal what other  activities AffPower go to, to earn a buck and in the process give their affiliate partners a shafting.

Roasting AffPower’s Chestnuts!