AffPower promise the best commissions in the entire iGaming industry. Yep, you read that correctly, it’s in proud writing on their super dooper affiliate site, AffPower proudly boast that they offer the best commissions going.

You couldn’t make this shit up no matter how hard you tried. You see, if you are still unaware as to AffPower’s Modus Operandi, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

In short the only affiliates that won’t be shafted by AffPower are those Super Affiliates that charge up front tenancy fees. You know the sites I mean, right?

All the others, from weekend warriors to small to medium sized affiliates are considered fair game as far as our ‘chums’ in Israel are concerned.

We have it on good authority and also from numerous reports after their running the show for Affiliate Edge, that players have been detagged and removed from affiliate accounts en-masse. But don’t take just our word for it, have a look at what your peers have to say about AffPower over on the GPWA here.

So not content with ripping off players, serving them with bogus games, they also want and do rip off their marketing partners. The same marketing partners that bust their backsides working on their websites to gain traffic, only for it to be stolen from them by the big kahunas that run AffPower.

Talking about the people that run AffPower and who are responsible for their actions. Don’t worry, soon and we mean very soon, the individuals concerned will be revealed. We also feel it is only right we put faces to the names for you.

So there we have it. Industry Leading Commissions, courtesy of the stand up guys and gals at AffPower. Only if you own AffPower that is.

If you have been approached by AffPower and been offered a RevShare Deal, CPA Deal or Hybrid deal, do the right thing. Show them the hand and using your middle finger whilst doing so is purely optional.

If you are in a position where you have amazing search engine rankings and lord it over the serps and the slugs at AffPower get in touch concerning a bespoke cash up front deal. Find your moral compass and just tell them to fuck the right off. After all you and your sites have a reputation to uphold and you don’t want to be responsible for sending unaware players to any of AffPower shitty casinos.