AffPower – The Trail of Deceit


First of all apologies for the picture. It does have one thing going for it though: the turd is real, unlike the games those casinos served up to unsuspecting players as they wilfully and deliberately used a server containing fake reverse-engineered NetEntertainment software.

Even when challenged they continued to plead ignorance, eventually getting a ‘cease and desist’ from Netent who confirmed the games were fake.

This didn’t stop this group of Israeli crooks though, as fraud and criminality are necessities for their lifestyles and many others from there (it’s estimated that 70-80% of online gaming fraud emanates from Israel).

So having created this string of shit sites with fake games, no License to take UK or most European players’ money and a so-called ‘eGaming License’ from Curacao they proceeded to spread their poison as we will soon discover.

The process of getting a Curacao eGaming License in this Dutch colony is simple: Follow a short trail to a ricketty hut in the jungle, fold a $50 note into your application form then knock twice, at which juncture a fat unshaven bloke with a stained tropical suit on with cigar ash rolling down it will sigh indifferently and stamp the form for you.

As you leave, bottle of Scotch should be left as another token of your gratitude for his services. You then have a ‘License Number’ to proudly display on your crap casino.

Now having been caught out offering fake games and not paying or answering player complaints these shit casinos soon became too well-known (thanks to the efforts of honest affiliates and casino watchdog sites like Casinomeister) to continue providing easy riches to the crooks at Affpower who ran their affiliate programmes.

Before the next scam we need to examine the philosophy of the owners of these shithouse casinos which is simple – run them on an ‘insurance’ basis. If you’re a small player and had lost a decent amount, they even paid you a withdrawal eventually to keep you coming back. Now if you won big, the problems would start: bogus breach of terms allegations or unnecessary checks in order to delay your cash-out.

If you didn’t give in to this tactic to make you reverse your pending cash-out then you would get talk-to-the-hand from their useless Customer Services and then ignored. You would then go and complain on a forum or via a dispute resolution service only to be told they won’t co-operate as they have no proper licensing jurisdiction to abide by and shouldn’t have even taken your deposits in the first place.

So your big cash-out vanishes and they are quite prepared to take the bad publicity from a costly winner as long as they keep a number of profitable players happy. They essentially insure themselves against big payouts thus guaranteeing their profits are alwasy higher than that of a legitmate honest casino.

So having been exposed for their scam via the shit casinos in the toilet pan here, Affpower came across a new opportunity to spread their disease at the end of 2016. The US-Facing Club World Group were for 10 years an accredited Kahnawake Licensed bunch of good guys, offering RTG Games to N.America and some European countries.

They co-operated on forums, were keen to pay quickly and help customers and indeed had the Casinomeister ‘Rep Of The Year’ a few times and also won awards for trustworthiness and best US-Facing Group there too.

Unfortunately one of the good guys at Club World is related to the Affpower crooks and to cut a long story short there as a hostile take over and the previously OK Affiliate Edge that promoted Club World Casinos were taken into the cesspit too along with the group. Then came the dodgy Curacao License and retrospective affiliate payment reductions, de-tagged players other fraud. That’s where we are now.

It doesn’t quite finish here though – when this illegal and fraudulent behaviour was exposed very rapidly, the turds leapt from the toilet pan straight into action! Those sites which exposed this Israeli criminality miraculously became victims of DDOS attacks, rather pathetic in scale. When that had no effect, they began planting bad links at numerous places to those watchdog sites to poison their Google SEO rankings. Whether this is actioned from Israel or when they fly in to Manchester each week we don’t know for sure – and don’t care.

What we will promise though is to monitor their activities and continually expose their trail of shit as and when it is laid. If you play at any of those sites STOP! If you are thinking of promoting them, DON’T! If you already do you belong in the picture. Like this shit, you may not be able to flush Affpower away completely but at least it is being contained.